Post Demographic Consumerism = Age Neutral Marketing

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I always like reading Trendwatching promotional material. Recently they produced some content about post demographic consumerism that they define as: People – of all ages and in all markets – are constructing their own identities more freely than ever. 

As a result, consumption patterns are no longer defined by ‘traditional’ demographic segments such as age, gender, location, income, family status and more.

Sounds pretty good to me, although I have to say that this more about history than a future trend. It has been going on for a while – a decade or two? The more people that are giving these messages the better.

What is missing from Trendwatching’s analysis is the fundamental difference between the generations created by physical and cognitive ageing and what that does to the customer experience.

Still if you want to know about that come and talk to me or Kim Walker not Trendwatching. 

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