Improving the Customer Experience of London's Transport Network

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I was really heartened to read this document about making London’s transport network easier to use.

As a regular user of the network I am well aware of its limitations and the extreme pressure of numbers under which works.

The primary focus of the document is about the improvements being implemented to assist people with disabilities but there is a hint that the requirements of older customers are being considered.

Most of the document is about initiatives to improve the customer experience (CX) or at least trying to ensure it is consistent for all types of travellers.

Public and private organisations find it difficult to manage the twin pigeon holes of ‘disabilities’ and ‘ageing’. Far too many try and combine the two and hence consider ageing as a disability (wrong). There is a third pigeon hole that has recently emerged and that is ‘obesity’ and its implications upon the CX.

Much of my work is now focused on the challenge of ensuring organisations provide a CX that reflects the physiological issues of customers. If organisations used this as the single ‘pigeon hole’ it would make their life a lot easier.

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