Futurelab. Let’s roll.

Today we are finally free to announce a burning ambition. We want to become Europe’s boldest, brightest, and most successful customer-centricity consultancy.

We’ve just completed a final piece of legal paperwork that officially gives us a new structure, new shareholders, new services and a whole lot of new energy. The Futurelab mission has always been to make the world a more customer-friendly place and for 10 years we’ve been helping big businesses make it happen: sustainably, profitably and enjoyably. Now we want to do it on a bigger scale.

After all, customer-centricity is more than a business practice. It’s a belief-system in which organisations step away from the product-led, process-obsessed, brand-centric orthodoxies of the past, and replace them with a single-minded focus on the person that really pays all our bills: the Customer.

Creating this societal mind-shift is bigger than any of us. So if you have EVER been inspired by anything we’ve ever said, written or done, that means you are a potential colleague, client, competitor or cohort. So let’s do this together.

We’ll tell you how in our next few updates. For now, we just wanted to let you know we’re rolling – and that you should pack a bag.