Do You Speak Customer? Then Speak to Us….

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We worked with one of Central Europe’s biggest insurers.
We made them cry.
At their senior leadership conference.
Proper tears.

We worked with the world’s biggest car manufacturer.
We made them dance.
On their desks.
To that Pharrell Williams song.


We’re Futurelab. We get involved. We get passionate. We get results. That’s why we’re set on becoming Europe’s brightest, boldest and most successful customer-centricity consultancy. Want to join?


We believe the world should be a more customer-friendly place and we’re helping big businesses make it happen. Sustainably. Profitably. Enjoyably. Over the last decade, we’ve shown dozens of companies how to put customers at the core of their operations.

This year we’re ramping things up: we’ve already reorganized; we’re rolling out new services and now – we’re recruiting.

  • Senior Management Consultant, Customer-Centricity
  • Senior Consultant, Customer-Centricity
  • Consultant, Customer-Centricity

These positions are based in Belgium and involve frequent European travel.



Heart and head

The dancing? The crying? Well, when you’re trying to change the world, you don’t leave your emotions at the door. In order to generate engagement, enthusiasm and evangelism among our clients, we need to possess these attributes ourselves. So we’re looking for people with expertise and energy. And above all, people who are obsessed with The Customer.

Big pictures and pixels

On paper, customer-centricity is nice and neat. That’s where most consultancies leave it – on paper. In reality (where we live, where our clients live) customer-centricity is messy. It calls for walls to come down, mindsets to be changed and silos to be bridged. It calls for massive, multi-layered, long-term milestones and all the baby steps in between. We need to be agitators, integrators, organizers, co-ordinators and communicators. We need to be process-minded, strategic thinkers who drill into detail and get things done.

Musketeers and mavericks

All for one and one for all. Because our customer-centricity initiatives can reach so far and wide throughout client organizations, we embedded teamwork in our DNA long ago. Teamwork between us; teamwork between us and our clients. But – and this is important – clients know and remember each of our consultants for their own style, skills and specialisms. We are always individuals, occasionally eccentric and frequently off-script.

Modestly delighted

There’s nothing modest about our achievements. We have done some remarkable things. We have achieved the seemingly unachievable. We are immensely proud of ourselves. But Futurelab never takes the limelight or the glory. We leave that for our clients. All we take is the thrill of the ride, the satisfaction of a job well done and comfort in a world slowly becoming more customer-friendly. When we raise our glass, we do it in celebration of customer-centricity.

Communication and culture

Futurelab covers every industry in every corner of Europe, so you need a few languages and a lot of cultural sensitivity. In fact, sensitivity in general would be nice. We guide companies and their employees through some pretty huge, job-changing and sometimes life-changing transformations. So if you can be sympathetic, subtle and sensitive in English and at least one other European language that would be great. French and German would be a plus, but other languages are most welcome.


When we say experience, we mean the ‘sleeves-rolled-up, hands-all-dirty, pencil-behind-your-ear, screwdriver-in-your-pocket’ kind of experience. This is what makes Futurelab consultants different from others in this space. We’ve all lived the life of our clients; we’ve all walked in their shoes. We know how it feels. That’s why people like us and trust us.

So ideally you will:

  • have spent a few years (Senior Management Consultant: 8 – 10 years; Senior Consultant: 6 years; Consultant: 3 – 5 years) in retail, FMCG, telecoms, banking, insurance, lifestyle goods or automotive
  • be immersed in one of these areas: strategy, marketing, customer-centricity, e-commerce, customer journey management, Net Promoter System™, business process management, people transformation management, workshop facilitation, digital experience, user experience design or service design.

Or maybe you’ve been doing something else amazing for customers – for instance as a consultant.

If you really want to catch our eye, don’t just send your CV, tell us how you’ve made a difference to your customers’ lives and your company’s bottom line. 

Let’s grab a coffee and talk customer. Lets start the conversation at