Goal Centred Navigation Works Well – Always Has – Always Will

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Econsultancy really liked the newly designed web site from Admiral Insurance. This is what it said: A redesign that notably puts it ahead of other insurance companies in terms of accessibility and user friendliness.

Indeed it is pretty good, or maybe the competitors are awful. A bit of each I suspect.

Now back in the Dark Ages of the Internet, when I was earning a living consulting about web sites, it was well known that a safe form of navigation was call ‘goal orientated’. This was nothing fancy and just required the company to anticipate what people were using their web site for and to make the navigation reflect these needs.

So in the case of Admiral it is clear that ‘getting a quote’ is the primary goal. The other ‘no brainer’ thing was keep the site as clean and uncluttered as possible.

All that Admiral has done is to follow these basic rules.

Lots of things have changed with the web in the last decade or two but the old rules still seem to work. Of course they work even better for the older customer. 

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