Why Global Brands Find It So Difficult To Respond to Their Ageing Customers

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I have been in the ageing business for at least a decade – probably a bit longer. During that time I have seen a lot of changes to the way companies respond to growing number of older customers BUT I have seen the same old mistakes made time and time and time again.

Why is that large companies (and a lot of smaller companies) find it so, so difficult to realise the potential and the inevitability about population ageing and get on and embrace its consequences.

Are the management all fools? Are they so welded to the habits of being youth centric that they grip onto the old order for grim life, like barnacles on the bottom of boats. It is a combination of reasons, many that don’t reflect well on the way large organisations run themselves.

Expert Marketer Magazine asked me to write a few words about the subject.

If you have a minute or two you can read what I said. Don’t worry, it is a very short article.

This is a subject I might return to in the future in more depth.

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