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“Who should own the brand?” Mitch Joel, digital marketing guru and founder of the agency Twist Image, recently posed this question to me during an interview on his podcast about my book What Great Brands Do (take a listen to the podcast here — it’s one of my favorite interviews). 

Mitch was asking about who in a company should have leadership responsibility for the brand and how a company should be organized to best manage and grow its brand. We talked about how there needs to be stewardship of the brand at the highest levels of the organization and how leaders of key operating functions shared responsibility for using the brand as a management tool.

Our conversation prompted me to write my latest Harvard Business Review blog column, Use a Brand Council to Help Steer Strategy. In the piece, I describe how a brand councils comprised of senior executives from a range of company functions meet the brand leadership imperative. Please give the piece a read and let me know what you think.  

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