Advertising to Older Consumers – Seven Strategies to Consider

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Excellent article by Kim Walker in Campaign (Asia Pacific) about ways of advertising to older consumers.

I know that Kim shares my dislike for the ‘universal rules’ that some people think can be applied to boomers, seniors, teenagers or any other sector of society. That said, we know some approaches work more than they fail – all for very good marketing reasons. This is the theme of Kim’s article that contains some great ads that you are unlikely to have seen as they come from Asia Pacific.

This will give you a feel for what it is about (and isn’t about).

The web is littered with expert opinion about how to sell to older consumers; “Say this and “don’t say that”.
The problem is that these generalizations are a blunt instrument and often downright misleading.
Take for example the oft-recycled ‘rules’ on marketing to baby boomers. The fundamental problem is that these rules are based on behavioural assumptions of citizens from specific countries and cultures, particularly the USA. Too often they represent a small segment of the age group – sometimes having a striking resemblance to those of the ageing ‘expert’. 

Do read this if you want to know what a respected advertising man, who is also an expert in ageing issues, suggests as approaches to better engage your older customers.
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