Knowledge Management and Customer Satisfaction

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We all know the statistics, right?

  • most dissatisfied customers will eventually tell 9 other people about their problem
  •  only 4% of dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company
  •  satisfied customers tell 5 to 6 other people about their positive experience

and many others like it (it costs more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one, etc.)

The again, what if –

What if Knowledge Management could help you reach higher levels of customer satisfaction?

What if Knowledge Management could help you retain existing customers?

What if —

Well, I took this “what if” questions to heart and started exploring that a little bit. In the final installment in the series sponsored by Coveo about how Knowledge Management is changing Customer Service I wrote one more post: How to leverage Knowledge Management in Customer Service to Ensure Satisfied Customers.

It is a short-ish (my standards) post exploring how you can use KM better to resolve the two perennial problems in Customer Service: knowing the products and knowing the customers.

Please go ahead and read it, and either comment there or come back here to let me know what you think. I will also be publishing this series as an ebook later this month, and will collect all my writings on Knowledge Management to be published together at the end of the year as well (just letting you know, in case you missed some of them).

Thanks for reading.

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