The presentation I gave to the Assisted Living Conference in Liverpool

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I have spent the last couple of days in Liverpool. My first visit to this part of the UK.

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The event was a showcase of projects that are intended to help older people (Assisted Living).

As always at these events you meet some interesting people and have your views challenged.

My role was to provide a different perspectives to what is going on in the big wide world of marketing. In many, probably all ways, what I had to say is very relevant to this industry.

If it is to survive it must engage directly with consumers. As a result of funding cuts and the Herculean task of attempting to engage with the statutory bodies like the NHS and Local Government it must appeal to the people with the cash. Older people and/or their children.

My fear is that few of these companies either want to or can becoming marketing outfits. I hope I am wrong in this assumption. Enjoy the presentation.

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