Are You Digitally Engaged? – 100 Point Test

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Here are the 10 categories and 100 point audit of your digital engagement effort, how will you fare …

A) Executive Leadership – does your executive champion digital engagement? (total 10 pts.):

  • Is there an official and effective executive team sponsor and champion for digital engagement? (2 pts)
  • Does your executive participate in new media as members? (2 pts)
  • Does your executive believe proper use of technology is a top 3 influence on success? (2 pts)
  • Does your executive believe customer engagement is a top 3 key to organizational success? (2 pts)
  • Does your CEO publicly champion and celebrate new media: (2 pts)

B) Priority Focusdoes digital engagement show up prominently in your annual strategy and what you track? (total 10 pts.):

  • Is technology and/or digital/customer engagement a top 5 strategy? (3 pts.)
  • Does digital/customer engagement appear in your organization’s top 7 key performance indicators? (3 pts.)
  • Does digital/customer engagement drive +10% of executive team discussion? 20%? (2 pts.)
  • Is more than 15% of your marketing budget spent on driving digital engagement? 30%? (2 pts.)

C)  Rewards – Do you celebrate digital engagement milestones company-wide? (total 10 pts.):

  • Is digital/customer engagement prominently in your personal development/career plan? (3 pts.)
  • At full company functions, is success in digital/customer engagement regularly celebrated ? (3 pts.)
  • Does every employee function in the company know what you are trying to achieve/understand the targets with digital/customer engagement? (2 pts.)
  • In monthly letters/management reports, is digital/customer engagement prominently mentioned? (2 pts.)

D) Openness – Do you feel empowered to express support for your company in public, social media freely?  (total 10 pts.):

  • Are employees at every level and function encouraged to participate in new media? (3 pts.)
  • Are your partners, suppliers and vendors encouraged to talk about and advocate your organization in new media? (3 pts.)
  • Do you know who your top 100, 1000, 10,000 fans/influencers are? Do you engage in regular contact with them? (2 pts.)
  • Do you feel like you can experiment in digital/customer engagement, with no repercussions if it fails? (2 pts.)

E) Education/Governance – do you feel the required rules, guidelines and training have been provided to support digital engagement? (total 10 pts.):

  • Do you have a full and aspirational set of rules and guidelines for employees to participate in digital engagement and new media? (3 pts.)
  • Do you have a training and/or certification program for employees and those who officially speak for the company ? (3 pts.)
  • Have you roleplayed possible scenarios, opportunities and risks behind general and key initiatives in digital engagement? (2 pts.)
  • Is there an up-to-date governance of new media and engagement issues generally and in crisis situations? Is there clear responsibility for who owns what? (2 pts.)

F) Transparency – Do you have a free flowing exchange of information and insight, enabled by technology? (10 pts.):

  • On most matters, do you feel that there are no secrets or hidden agendas behind your communication and practices? (3 pts.)
  • Do you encourage open and free flowing contact with key customers and stakeholders? Is it in “human speak” not corporate speak?(3 pts.)
  • Does technology help accelerate speed of information and expertise sharing inside and outside the company? (2 pts.)
  • Does the conscience of your customer, partners and involved parties feel present in key company direction and decisions? (2 pts.)

G) Culture – Does support for digital engagement pervade what you do everyday, from the boardroom to the frontlines?  (total 10 pts.):

  • Is “what does my customer want/think” a critical component to front-line decisions? (3 pts.)
  • Is it easy to get other employees enthused about digital/customer engagement and initiatives? (3 pts.)
  • Do employees across levels and functions regularly collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas in your organization? (2 pts.)
  • Does your company truly value and pursue what your customers and public have to say and contribute? (2 pts.)

H) Incentives – Do you feel like management supports time, reward, risks and resources for digital engagement efforts? (total 10 pts.):

  • Are staff, community members and customers compensated for success, contributions or improvement in digital/customer engagement? (3 pts.)
  • Does management support digital/customer engagement efforts through real investment and required resources? (3 pts.)
  • Do people who thrive in digital/customer engagement get promoted faster/evaluated better than those that don’t? (2 pts.)
  • Is time spent and new initiatives on digital/customer engagement actively encouraged? (2 pts.)

I)  Values – Do you have an ethos that every staff person can believe in and get excited about? (total 10 pts.):

  • Is your company mission/cause motivating and compelling? (3 pts.)
  • Do the majority of your employees share and practice these values each day? Do they express themselves unpromptedly in new media? (3 pts.)
  • Do these values and practices resonate with external customers and prospects to the point of action and advocacy? (2 pts.)
  • Is your organization able to self-govern itself on the “right thing to do” without the intervention of management or the risk of public damage to your brand? (2 pts.)

J) Participation – Is participation in digital media widely adopted and coordinated across the organization? (total 10 pts.):

  • Does more than 20% of your company staff participate actively in digital engagement? 30%? 40%? Is this coordinated? (3 pts.)
  • Is your company present and active in the relevant spaces and platforms online? (3 pts.)
  • Are you a “first mover” in establishing a presence on new spaces and platforms? (2 pts.)
  • Do you have the required technical and customer-facing talent to lead and support your initiatives in digital/customer engagement? (2 pts.) – quality of talent/quantity of talent
Digital Engagement Scorecard:
+80 pts. Hardcore Buff

+60 pts. Weekend Warrior Buff

+40 pts. Bootcamp Ready

+20 pts. Engagement Obese

0-19 pts. Emergency Room Candidate

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