CX is a lot more than social media

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Oracle has produced a report called  – Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era. It is free, but you will have to register to get it here.

Perhaps not surprising, since Oracle is an IT company, it views CX as all about social media. It would also appear, from the video on the web site, that improving CX is all about appealing to children. Note to Oracle web designers – if you put a video on your site make sure that you provide the embedding code.

What Oracle got right was that there is a big hole, in most company’s mindset, where the people, systems and IP that measures CX should be.

Where Oracle got it wrong is that social media issues are noise level compared to the damage done to the CX by the lack of thought to the implications that ageing has on the myriad of touchpoints that sum together to determine what customers think of the brand or retailer.

Whilst social media still remains something of a dark art – certainly the ability to see what it delivers to the bottom line – it is much easier to measure and then improve the CX issues created by population ageing. The AF Audit tool that Kim Walker and I created is where the journey begins.

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