40% of shoppers would spend more if offered a better customer experience

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Getting the customer experience right is becoming increasingly important as a way of gaining consumer trust and their business. This is something that applies as much to online as physical channels.

Ecommerce recently discussed research that showed that 40% of respondents said they would be willing to spend more with a company if they improved the overall customer experience, rising to 81% of consumers in Western Europe and a whopping 90% of UK respondents.

Furthermore a third of total respondents (35%) want businesses to ensure they can easily ask questions and access information before making a purchase.

Other popular improvements that would increase spending include an easy returns policy (32%) and an improvement in the overall website usability and search functionality (21%).

At the core of getting the customer experience right for the older consumer is understanding how their ageing minds, bodies and senses are affecting their perception of the company. Most organisations have no idea how to go about understanding, let alone measuring this.

Original Post: http://20plus30.blogspot.be/2012/12/40-of-shoppers-would-spend-more-if.html