How would Steve Jobs do training and education

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The October issue of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills contains a must-read article by Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Training and Education (please find also my prior posts Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers and Unschooling Rules – Serious Games As Microcosms For Learning).

Clark has shared the full article on Google+ yesterday under the post: The most important thing I ever wrote – “How would Steve Jobs do training and education”.

In the article, Clark Aldrich shares his vision for organizational education and defines a future much richer than the past. He describes the context in which he was asked by a certain company the question “How would Steve Jobs do training?” and how he developed the answer in three sections: A) The New ‘Old Product Development’, B) The New ‘Old Training’ and C) The New ‘Old Education’ (Serious Games are addressed under section A). 

Read the full article at ILT – October 2012 issue »