The Continued Economic Decline of the West – Ahhh

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Many years ago I worked as a consultant for PA Consultants. A few years after I left and the company was in serious problems (the two are not connected) it employed a new CEO called Jon Moyniham. He pushed and pulled the company around it seems as if it has flourished. Park this fact for a moment.

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Yesterday, I was interviewed by a researcher who is working on a research paper about older people and she was interested in my thoughts about how things would turnout over the next 40 years. Wow, I find it hard to think about tomorrow, a decade maybe, but not 40 years out.

As always, I said that you cannot disentangle ageing from the other mega forces that determine the shape of countries and their economies. The second most important (after ageing) being the diminishing of the Western competitiveness and all of the implications that generates. After about 10 mins I was aware I was losing her. Yes, this is all interesting stuff, but what am I going to put in my report. I understand the sentiment.

Today, I have just spent an hour looking at the above presentation from Mr Moyniham who is now the Executive Chairman of PA Consulting Group. He was speaking at the London School of Economics and “exploring the most significant challenges confronting the major advanced economies, and advocated some solutions.”

I thought I was something of a pessimist – compared to Mr Moyniham I am taking a rosy view of things. This presentation is by far the best and most comprehensive I have seen that analyses the nuts and bolts of what is happening with the East and West economies. I have read the stuff from McKinsey, Booz and Bain (all first rate material) but this is even better. Not pleasant to read or hear but in my view essential for anybody who claims to have a view about the future.

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