Ten (And a Bit) Stats On Why The Visual Web Matters

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Yesterday I was invited to speak at SXSE and having pretty much an open brief, chose to concentrate on two of my favourite things…stats and pictures!  The presentation is below, it goes into a bit more detail about why an image led online world matters.

The visual web

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SXSE?  No, that’s not a typo, the event was a first and a deliberate play on its much more famous Austin namesake.   The brain-child of Ben Stockman, the event was held in the Thirsty Bear pub in London (which has an SE1 postcode, hence the name), with a line-up of 20 odd speakers during the day.

From Rabbit that included Cat Turner who talked about some of the work she did in the 2010 election, her presentation is super interesting for anyone who knows a bit about UK politics, and well worth checking out.

As yet London’s SXSE may be infinitely smaller than Austin’s SXSW. Remember though, SXSW also started from relatively modest beginnings.

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