A Report You Must Add To Your Library

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Last week I was in Dublin attending a conference organized by the Ageing Well Network.

The keynote speaker was Dr. David Bloom who is the Professor of Economics and Demography in Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health. His session was about those  outcomes of demographic trends that are inevitable and those that are not. David is an excellent, thought provoking speaker.

The half-day session was packed with interesting sessions but the highlight for me was the launch of a book  – The New Agenda on Ageing.
I have read lots of stuff published by the different authorities and consultancies about the facts and implications of ageing. I can safely say that I have never encountered such a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter as in this publication – all 263 pages.
The top line chapter titles are Health, Wealth, Age Friendly Communities, Engagement, The Home and Strategy Development and Implementation.
This terrific publication will cost you the princely sum of nothing. You can download it free from the Ageing Well Network site. It takes a while to download (2 Mb).
Well done all the people in Ireland who must have committed hours, days, years to this project. Dick Stroud