Confessions of an Intrapreneur

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Several weeks ago I wrote an article for Forbes titled “Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come the Intraprenuers“. The above video shot by Bryan Elliott as part of his “Behind the Brand” interview series was actually the catalyst for that piece. Here’s a few things I cover in the video:

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What Is An “Intrapreneur“?

An Intrepreneur is someone who works in an entrepreneurial fashion with the benefits of having a big organization back them.

How do you combat the naysayers within your organization?

You don’t. You try to make every interaction count. You try to be professional, generous and use your talents not just for yourself but for the organization. It’s not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you. 

How do you convince your boss that it’s a good idea to fund an Intrapreneur?

The company has to take ownership too and make it clear that if they are going to carve out roles like this, they will support it. What do you think? Have you ever worked with an Intrapreneur or as one?

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