Customer Experience: It’s in the Little Things

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I recently completed a project for Philips Lighting on the ways hotels should reshape themselves to be successful in the future. As part of the research I came across this brilliant video by futurist Patrick Dixon on the way many business hotels seem to “get it wrong” when it comes to delivering a quality experience for their customers. If you think about it, most of the things he talks about are “rather obvious”. Also, as any frequent traveler can testify, they have been around for ages. 

But still they persist because still too many designers, hotel operators and the industry at large keep searching for ways to better organize their trade, but not take the time to walk in their customer’s shoes. 
Now I’m sure this video will make you smile. But when you catch yourself laughing out loud at the stupidity of the hotel trade, check yourself and your business for the customer experience mistakes you may still be making. Those little things which are “obvious” from a customer perspective, but from which you are blinded by the silos, orthodoxies and KPI’s in your company. When you find them, go out and fix them. When you don’t, it’s time to really start worrying.

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Image credit: (cc) wjklos