So You Want To Be Customer-Centric? (video)

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I spend a large part of my professional life telling companies that if they truly take their customer’s interests to heart, these customers will reward them with their business, their recommendations and their support. But even though I preach this gospel, I have to admit that I never really understood the impact of super-promoters until I experienced it around my book “So You Want to Be Customer-Centric?”.

In the past few months I’ve seen global customer experience leaders make this executive guide “mandatory reading” for their national teams; CMOs make it a cornerstone of their international marketing meetings; CEOs hand it to their leadership teams and other consultancies offer the book to their customers as a point of inspiration. Not to forget the lady entrepreneur from Romania who wrote me to say that she was telling her staff of three that she wanted to model her business around the principles I had described.

But while all this endorsment and support is truly exciting, I have to say that Khaled Husseini topped it all. As a long standing friend of the Futurelab family and a true customer-centricity advocate, he offered to make an animated short promoting the book and its message. Not for his own benefit, but simply because he thought it was a message worth spreading. In fact, he was so modest about his own role that I had to insist that he would at least mention the name of his business (Ishra7) in a short pre- & postroll message.

So, if you’re up for a little laugh about a serious topic, check out the video he produced below. His animator was even kind enough to give me back some of the hair I’ve lost in real life 🙂  

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Khaled, a big thanks to you, the team and all the others who promote the cause of making businesses more customer-centric!