What's on the Horizon for Social Business?

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I was recently invited to our Toronto office to talk about social business—both what it is and what’s in store for organizations who seek to integrate social as part of how they do business. This is probably the best way to define social business vs. media. While many organizations seek to leverage social media as part of communications, (such as marketing) social business seeks to extract value from doing business in a more social way.

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When we talk about social business planning, our focus shifts from merely thinking about the media universe to adding purpose and intent behind how we harness “social” for business purposes. And all of this is still the tip of the Iceburg. We’ll be talking more about social business planning in depth in the months to come.

Image by: David Armano

Original Post: http://darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/2011/11/socbiz.html