Sound and Vision

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Lovely little film for Soundcloud and a lovely little story from VC Fred Wilson about how founder Alex Ljung pitched him for funding several times before he was successful:

“…He showed me one slide. It had various media types (photos, videos, long form text, short form text) and underneath each was a large social platform that had been built on and for that media type. At the end was an empty space and it said ‘sound’…That’s what sold me. One slide.”

The film features my Futures Agency colleague Julian Treasure who runs The Sound Agency and who, in one of his TED talks on the subject of sound, talks about how 60% of our communication is listening, yet only 25% of what we hear is retained. If your vision requires a long explanation, if you have to sit round a table debating words that will go into your mission statement, I think you’ve already lost. Better a vision powerful enough to be captured not with many words, but with few. Not on many slides, but on one.

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“Sound” from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

Image by: Menage a Moi

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