Measuring Facebook: Chinwag Insight 2011

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Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

Earlier this month we presented on the measurement and monetisation panel at the Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing conference. You can view our slides above or by visiting Slideshare.

My slides focused on the challenges of Facebook from a data perspective: Facebook is difficult to measure, and what little data there is suggests that brands are really struggling to engage with their customers on an ongoing basis. So how do brands prove the value of Facebook?

I offer a few suggestions, but admit that the jury is still out on ROI: How do you prove ROI when the data are lacking and its difficult to measure the flow from social media to sales?

This is something we’re very keen to discuss so if you have any thoughts on this, whether you were at the conference or not, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always open to ideas.

Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing

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View presentation: Measures that Matter for Facebook Marketers

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