Smartphones – Dumb Systems Thinking. Is Healthcare and Care Stuck in The Dark Ages of IT?

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It was only a matter of time before smartphones started directly interfacing with third-party equipment.
The obvious candidate for this application is for medical monitors. Rather than an older person using a smartphone to record their data it is much better if the smartphone does it itself.

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Technology Review has an article describing work going on in Canada to make this a reality.
Talking about reality. We are at the cusp of a fantastic new era of technology that can improve the quality and drive down the cost of healthcare and caring services of older people. 

But, and there is a very big BUT, the reality is that most of the care and healthcare industry is wading about in technology and systems thinking that was old in the 1990s.

The video is a great way of explaining this. Just imagine how it would be if booking a flight used the same systems thinking that is prevalent in the healthcare industry.
Terrifying but true.
Image by: José Goulão