Sam Rosen on the Future of Media

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* What are some of the different views of the value, role, and best approaches to paid, owned, and earned media?

* Why are conversation and storytelling so important in today’s media?

* How can companies use content to make people’s lives better?

These are the questions I cover in today’s inteview. My guest is Sam Rosen, Creative Director and Co-founder of ThoughtLead, an organization whose mission is “to spread important ideas that positively impact our world through online marketing.”

Sam began his career as an award-winning social entrepreneur, founding and leading local and national initiatives to increase funding and awareness for community service. He then became enamored with the field, practice, and philosophy of marketing, and switched his focus to digital strategy for lifestyle, business, and personal development publishers and experts. To merge his passion for changing the world with his love of marketing, Sam founded ThoughtLead where he now he ideates and directs campaigns that help brands like Dow, IBM, and HubSpot. You may recall I featured an analysis of one of his conferences, The Future of Marketing, earlier this year, so when I heard he was involved with a new event, The Future of Media:  Radical Integration, I asked him to join me for a conversation.

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