Fear and Creativity

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BrainPickings is a recent fascination. Each article is a wonderful curation of ideas and different points of view. I just enjoyed the article they posted on Fear and Creativity.

In it they quote Shaun McNiff’s Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go

“The empty space is the great horror and stimulant of creation. But there is also something predictable in the way the fear and apathy encountered at the beginning are accountable for feelings of elation at the end. These intensities of the creative process can stimulate desires of consistency and control, but history affirms that few transformative experiences are generated by regularity.”

One of the things that helps that conceptual empty space is finding new and creative things, which is becoming harder and harder to do.

I loved finding this wonderful math and video savant Vihart. Here video on the math of sound is spectacular.

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as is her rif on Pi.

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