My 'Final' Words about the Care Industry in the UK

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I have been wittering on about the UK Care Industry for far too much of the time. Today, there is a major report published in the UK about the future funding of the industry.

The report and documentation is a must-have for anybody interested in the market for older people who require care or might require care. It is a HUGE market.

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It is an excellent piece of research and makes a set of coherent recommendations that I am sure will be kicked into the the long grass of politics. If only the UK Government had the (excuse me), the balls, to grasp this as an opportunity to make their mark on history – something like the Victorians who radically changed the UK’s social housing/transport/sanitation. Unfortunately, the UK’s political class can only think in how their actions affect tomorrows headlines. Moan over.

That doesn’t detract from the importance of it as a body of knowledge.

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