Agile Planning (Redux)

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The smart guys at LHBS in Vienna asked me to give a talk on Agile Planning earlier this week as part of their series of “Uncomfortable Talks” designed to promote some good, challenging thinking on the practice of communications and planning. It was helpful in bringing together a bunch of disparate thoughts I’ve long had around this subject but if I’m honest, it was difficult to know where to stop – it’s a subject that touches so much of what we do, so there’s a lot more I could’ve talked about.

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But I guess central to my theme here is that though there is much talk of the impact of digital, particularly around social media platforms, and the importance of failing fast and so on, my sense is that the kind of fundamental change that is required won’t happen unless we actually change the way we do what we do and the culture that surrounds that.

You’ll note that I reference the thoughts and concepts of a number of smart thinkers in the talk and I’ve done my best to attribute clearly wherever I can. At the start of the talk, I showed the short film (above) of John Jay talking about creativity. As well as being a brilliantly insightful two and a half minutes of film, he also frames rather wonderfully a number of the themes I then went on to talk about. I hope you like it.

Agile planning

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