67% of Shoppers Spend More Following Recommendations from Their Social Networks (infographic)

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Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

Making purchases directly from within Facebook (a form of social commerce) has the potential to make the social network a place where we spend not just considerable amounts of our time, but also our money.

Social Media Influence has created this infographic which reflects on the past two years of Facebook commerce (known as “F-commerce“).

From the very first purchase ($34 worth of flowers) through to movie rentals and mobile phone credit purchases, F-commerce already has a varied history, and this is just the beginning.

Some key points of interest:

  • 67% of shoppers spend more when they have received a recommendation from their online community of friends.
  • Just 11% of the surveyed UK customers have bought something from Facebook.
  • Only 8% of retailer Facebook pages are able to accept transactions.
  • Predicted value of social commerce is set to reach $30bn worldwide by 2015.

Original Post: http://www.freshnetworks.com/blog/2011/07/social-commerce-67-of-online-shoppers-spend-more-when-following-recommendations-from-their-social-networks/