What Attributes Do You Value about Tweets or Status Updates?

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I’m in the process of designing a survey to get an understanding of what people value about certain behaviors on twitter and would love to get some ideas about questions to ask. I have some particular pet peaves and pet preferences that prompted me to think about this question but I’d love to get some input to broaden the conceptual frame I’m working from here.

Here are the behaviors or attributes I value on twitter:

  • efficiency and brevity: I appreciate both short and long tweets but I marvel at certain levels of information density. I also find inefficiency to be generally annoying, although sometimes amusing.
  • Clarity and completeness: I like it when a tweet can stand alone, I can read it, I understand the context and even if I missed previous tweets there is some way to track the thread. Good use of the /via and /re help with this. I find tweets that are meaningless and have no context to be a waste of space.
  • Humor: if a tweet makes me smile or laugh out loud it’s a rare treat
  • Originality: This is becoming a rare commodity in the social media echo chamber so it is especially important and valuable.

I’d love to hear your ideas of what you value or appreciate and will use it to add to the survey questions, I will update the blog when I send it out and plan on publishing the results.

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