Watch out Apple Genius Bar the O2 Gurus Are Coming

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I guess there is no compliment like being copied. Yesterday, I had a problem with the dongle I use with my Mac. It had worked well but then stopped.

I was passing an O2 store and thought it was worth asking if they had any ideas about the problem.

An attentive young man said he had no idea but he knew somebody who would and so would I like to book an appointment with an O2 guru. You bet, but how long would I have to wait? When I heard that the wait time was less than 5 mins and there was a nice comfy sofa to sit on I accepted the offer.

The bottom line to this story is that the guru sorted the problem in about 30 secs, much to my embarrassment. The young man was excellent, not just technically but in understanding all of the soft skills of customer care. So from that experience, O2 gets 10 out of 10.

Other companies, with ever increasingly complex products, should learn from the Apple Genius Bar and O2 example. I am sure it is costly to provide but I would think it delivers huge benefits in how customers perceive their brand. The fact that I have just told you this story illustrates the point.

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