VW Dark Side

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Whichever side you’re on there’s a lot to admire about this campaign from Greenpeace. A smart subversion of the Star Wars theme that VW capitalised on with the well-known (and liked) ad The Force. This morning saw some high profile poster sites being hijacked, quite a few Stormtroopers involved (which created a bit of a stir on the silicon roundabout it seems) and a site launched where you can ‘develop your skills as a jedi to help further the rebellion’.

All of which is designed to highlight a report about VW’s commitment (or lack thereof) to help reduce CO2 emissions.

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The execution on the site is pretty slick, with a second short film (‘The Rebels Strike Back’), a rebel manifesto, your own Jedi training page which you’re encouraged to share to help progress in your training (see what I did there). But I think the thing I like most about it is that they have hijacked a theme in a powerful way, with a great combination of online and IRL, and a strong group call to action (‘Together we can turn VW away from the dark side’) that seems to be spreading quickly. Like Roo, I’m left wondering how and when VW will respond.

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