Setting Your Digital Marketing Lineup

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Guest Post by: Carol Fox

When you think about it, digital B2B marketing and baseball share some interesting similarities.


No, we’re not suggesting you assemble a team of nine marketers to challenge the San Francisco Giants on the baseball diamond. We are, however, suggesting that, much like in baseball, building a successful digital marketing team requires a winning balance of chemistry, talent and strategy. In addition, assembling a talented team takes time, resources (see: the New York Yankees payroll) and patience.

Do you have the right team members to succeed? And, perhaps more important, are those people in the right roles?

When setting your digital marketing lineup, evaluate your team like a baseball General Manager would, to ensure you have the right players in place for a successful season.

Your lead-off hitters need to be your most consistent, reliable producers. Think writers or coordinators. These are the members of your team whom you rely on daily to complete tasks that are vital to your team’s content marketing success.

With their steady development of content and reliable completion of tasks, other members of your digital marketing team are put in a position to think big.

Your clean-up hitters need to be able to hit the ball out of the park. Think designers, specialists or analysts. Although they may not have the bandwidth or skill set to produce at the frequency of your lead-off hitters, these team members drive impactful results by implementing big ideas.

Knowing you have team members that can excel with high-priority projects means your managers can stay out of the weeds and think strategically.

Your managers need to be able to evaluate the team’s strengths and position members in a way to achieve optimal success. Think project managers, managers or directors.

The best managers use KPIs, Marketing ROI and sales results to guide their digital marketing strategy. At the end of the day, managers are responsible for the overall success of marketing initiatives, so these team members need to be extremely detail-oriented and accountable.

  1. Lead-off hitters.
  2. Clean-up hitters.
  3. Managers.

Did it take you a while to identify your players and assess your team? Are you confident that you have the right players in the right roles? Any hesitation here may indicate that you need to take a second look at your roster. Remember, as with any team, miscues and growing pains are to be expected before you strike just the right balance and finalize your lineup.

What has your organization done to position its marketing team for success? Comment and let us know!

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