Engaging Beer Mythology

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Hot on the heels of my “surprise” ad, here’s another long but highly engaging commercial from Sapporo Beer.


This one doesn’t have the big payoff at the end, but rather engages the viewer with continuous surprises and delights. Each level is rich in detail and the viewer is torn between wanting to keep studying the nooks and crannies of the current level and seeing what’s next.

Note, too, the subtle but constant incorporation of the Sapporo brand that begins after the first few scenes. Throughout, there are innumerable references to traditional Japanese culture juxtaposed with the brand, and then in the final screen we emerge into the present day with strong modern branding front and center.

This resembles but greatly exceeds Budweiser ads that incorporate references to an earlier time, like the Clydesdale-drawn wagon. The production values are amazing and the pace is quick – I can’t imaging many viewers getting bored and turning away.

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