Should Facebook ‘Likes’ Have an Expiry Date?

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Guest Post by: Simon Phillips

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how brands  are getting preoccupied with generating high numbers of Facebook ‘Likes’ rather than building deep engagement and this got me thinking –  if “Likes” are going to be used as  measure of engagement should they have an expiration date?

Why don’t fans of a brand have to reassert their allegiance to a particular brand from time to time?

For example, what if I “Liked” a brand last year because of some clever campaign but actually now also “Like” their rival brand, is the original brand still counting me as a fan of their product? And if I were able to renew my “Like” would I be more engaged with a brand than someone who has “Liked” a brand or product just the once?

Of course, this would put marketing teams under even more pressure to be innovative and creative in their use of campaigns and Facebook engagement. But surely this is what they need to do anyway to ensure people keep buying their products.

So how long should the “Like” last for? A month? 3 months? A year? It would be good to hear your comments and views about this.

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