Numbing Sameness

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Have you ever thought about how you acquire inspiration, if it is different from just a couple of years back, and if the mass of blogs and feeds out there has made you smarter and more brilliant, or just number and more like everybody else?

For months I have been wondering if this volume of information, available to me through thousands of blogs (by brilliant and hard working people), are doing me a disservice? And if I would get more from taking the slower route through a book or exploring further outside my comfort zone and field. Last week, due to two insights I am leaning towards the latter:

1. Secrets

“As long as you follow the same sources as everybody else you will think and do the same as everybody else.” … “What you have to do is go out there and find for the secrets.” – Lizzie Finn.

2. Reflection.

Thomas Geuken at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies believes the days of small boring breaks are long gone for some people, as we no longer just sit and wait, but rush to fill every break with content or an activity. The problem is that these “boring” breaks are more important than we think:

“We live in a time with more than enough information, but to little reflection. And it is in the breaks reflection occurs”. – Thomas Geuken

Are we reaching a point were we are continuously stuffing ourselves with content but unable to create anything from it that is original. Is our eagerness to take in everything inhibiting our ability to do anything with the same content? Are we entering a situation of numbing sameness.

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