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If you know me, you know I’m always reading a new business or marketing book.  That said, it can get expensive buying every new book that hits the market.  According to, there were over 11,000 new business books released last year alone – and I think that’s a conservative estimate.

So instead of going broke, I thought I would see what free books I could find for my new Kindle. I went to Amazon’s website and found these little gems, all available at no cost and easily sent to your Kindle in one simple click.

Outside of some public domain classics, finding free Kindle books on Amazon can be a challenge, but it pays to look hard.  You can start by reviewing the top 100 Free Kindle books on the Amazon website.

In addition to the five free books above, you can find other marketing books that can be downloaded and sent to your Kindle or other book reader at no cost, at a variety of sites other than Amazon.  Mashable has a great article that lists these book sites.

Mobile book reader apps, including Kindle for your iPhone or iPad, are another great way to stay up on the latest white papers that have book-quality thought leadership.  Marketo hosts one chapter from each of the hottest marketing books, available for download at no cost to you.  You can find these free chapters in our B2B Marketing Book Club.

Finally, the AMA, DMA, BMA NY, CMA, BtoB Magazine, and many other marketing associations and media groups keep great lists of white papers that are available in PDF format and downloadable to your Kindle or other book read – again, at no cost.  Often these are created by brands selling marketing products or services, but the vast majority of these papers are filled with the latest useful information on marketing best practices.

Happy reading!  And please feel free to share in comments your favorite sites to find content for marketers that can be downloaded to Kindle or other e-book readers.

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