28 Million UK Internet Users Are Casual Gamers (and Other Social Gaming Stats)

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Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Not sure about the value of social gaming for your brand or business? Check out these interesting stats and facts…

According to the UK National Gamers Survey:

  • 28 million UK internet users are casual gamers – amounting to 67% of all internet users.
  • 20 million of those use their mobile handsets to play games on
  • More than 40% of time spent on Facebook is spent on playing social games. 19% of game players even claim they are “addicted” to social games.

According to Utalk marketing:

  • 23% of gamers say they are more likely to buy a brand that has sponsored or advertised on a social game
  • 18% said they would click on an ad to gain a reward

According to game developers Wild Tangent:

  • The median age for social gamers is 35, and they are mostly female

According to market research company Park Associates:

  • Facebook embedded games alone will rise from $1bn last year to $5bn by 2015

Think social gaming is too expensive for you? According to agency TBWA:

  • Third party platforms are the easiest and cheapest way to leverage social gaming opportunities – by third party read Facebook.
  • To create a simple game [on Facebook] costs about the same amount as you would pay to develop an app for the site – between 10k and 200k

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