My Favorite Ads Worth Spreading at TED

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It was an honor to be a judge for TED’s first annual Ads Worth Spreading Intiative. This feels like a really important project. As we become more digitally connected what an ad is has changed. When I had a chance to look at all of the great entries I was most interested in ads that couldn’t have been made before the explosion of digital connectivity.

This has brought on a new way to collaboratively produce new kinds of messages. A couple of my favorites that exemplify this new shift are The Wilderness Downtown.

and The Johnny Cash Project


While these two are a product of a new medium, lot’s of others with more traditional story arcs really struck a cord for me.

First, was an amazing ad for the Topsy Foundation:

And, this great ad for Dulux:

As advertising creativity change accelerates it’s important to have a new kinds of encouragement, like TED’s Ads Worth Spreading Initiative.

Image by: Nathan Laurell

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