40% of All Tweets Are Now Composed on Mobile Devices

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Guest Post by: George Cathcart

The way we consume information is fundamentally shifting towards an ‘always-on’ world where our mobile phones are the first port of call for access to the web.

Techcrunch stated that in February 2011, just under 14% of access to their site was on a mobile device –  up 702% from February 2009. Add this to the fact that Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, recently said that 40% of all Tweets are now composed on mobile devices (up from around 20% in 2010) and we begin to get a pretty clear picture of the way mobile is impacting social media.

Indeed, more research has suggested that the number of people accessing social media services from their phones in the US alone will rise by 20% annually between now and 2015.

The implications of this shift for the social media industry are huge. With consumption increasingly becoming mobile-centric it is vital to design campaigns and sites around this format. People should be able to engage with brands from within the mobile environment with as little need to go ‘online’ as possible.

The social web is connected to the real world even more ; people are Tweeting, using Facebook, and taking film and photos on the go more than ever, and they are sharing them live and in real-time from portable, mobile devices.

Original Post: http://www.freshnetworks.com/blog/2011/03/mobile-devices-social-media-implications/