Saga Quarterly Report – Download It

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I have to admit that I am normally a bit rude about Saga – probably unfairly.

The organization has just published the first of a quarterly report that looks at the wellbeing of the over-50s.

It is an excellent report. Nicely presented and provides a lot of food for thought.

If you are interested in the UK’s over-50s and how they are faring during these difficult times then it is a must download.

Of course there is nothing that new in the findings – why should there be – but it does add more evidence of the trends that we are seeing emerging.

Trend 1 – ultra fragmentation of the haves and the have nothings.

Trend 2 – the age cohort who are approaching retirement are having a tough time of things, as are the older-old. The group in the middle (60-70) is not doing so badly.

Of course these are very broad-brush trends but that is what is happening the UK. Any marketer worth their salt can see what this means to how they evolve their segmentation.

Well-done Saga.

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