Seven Reasons Why Quora Will Be Bigger than Foursquare

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I’m late to the party on Quora (hey, it’s not when you use it but how well you use it). I’ll do some more in-depth analysis later, but after a few days of active use I see tons of potential. Here’s why:

1. People will always desire to build their profiles off what they know. Quora does this.

2. People want answers to their questions from friends, peers and those with expertise (Quora is building this)

3. People want digital services to work well across multiple platforms (Quora is off to a good start)

4. People like to show off what they know (check)

5. People feel satisfied when they know they’ve helped someone else. (double check)

6. People like when they can share across other social platforms (triple check)

7. People put value into systems which give value back.

I really did not want another network to feed. No way. I resisted. But this one while no replacement for Facebook or Twitter may have a future in the niche of sharing expertise, knowledge and a slightly new way of getting information. Or put it this way; we all got excited about the idea of checking in and earning badges, turns out that expertise and getting help could be more useful.

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