Thank You Pew – Thank You Aging in Place Technology Watch

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It is fitting that probably the best two US sources of information and comment about older people and how they use technology conclude 2010 with more insights into the way the factors of ageing and technology interrelate and how things might change in the future.

The Pew report contains some excellent ways of mapping the change in technology use and age and Laurie Orlov’s blog raises the interesting question of how younger boomers will cope in the future with ever more complicated ways of communicating and receiving information.

My assumption has always been that the tech savvy younger- old will have no problem in mastering new tech products but I now have my doubts.

Maybe the past few days that I have spent in migrating from using Windows to Apple have made me thing again. It is interesting how much effort it takes to ditch a comfortable world of technology and start again. Having said that it is great fun!

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