Self Proclaimed “Social Media” Experts Getting on My Nerves

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I know I shouldn’t get angry, this is not done. Yet, the recent flurry of self-proclaimed “experts” in the Social Media arena is more than getting on my nerves; it is purely and simply making my life – and the lives of my fellow practitioners – impossible and it makes us wonder how much you can get away with in that business? Hold on, it reminds me of something …

So, when my eyes fell – somewhat belatedly – on the following blogpost, I thought I’d like to share that with my readers. Enjoy!

Never Hire a “Social Media Expert”

By: Tim Baker

One of my biggest pet peeves is the “social media guru.” You know the type, the person that spends all their time on Twitter retweeting Mashable articles and Chris Brogan’s blog posts and thinks that having 40,000 followers makes them an instant expert in marketing. These people are bad news for many reasons, but what makes them most dangerous is the damage they are doing to the term “social media.”

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