Did Social Media Kill the Internet?

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For many companies web 2.0 was all about getting closer to the customers: Democratizing the brand, listening, participating, investing in being more responsive and in tune with customers wants and needs etc..

All this is good, but did it remove the focus to much from innovating the core business properties?

I’m not questioning if social media is good or bad, but if there is a disproportionate amount of it – and if this is affecting the willingness to invest.

    Now, I’m not ignoring that a plethora of businesses invested in social activities advancing and creating new found opportunities. But I question if so much time and effort is being spent on discussing the customers and their “rights” that to little time is left for inventing new business models.

Is to much time being spent on socializing the WEB, and to little on integrating the NET into core business practices?

Take Nike+ as an example: Is it based on a social media strategy or a product/services innovation strategy?

In my mind it is the latter.

    My question is:

    Are we focusing to much on helping clients build a conversation around their business rather than the business itself?

    – And is this affecting the willingness to invest in the platform as it is viewed as a marketing cost more than product and / or services innovation?

    – And finally; is this why the net is still called the web and has been to stagnant for to many years – due to a lack of willingness to invest as it is being fed by marketing budgets, not product development budgets?

    Or have I gotten it all wrong?

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