Leadership and the Elite

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Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

The table has turned: it’s no longer the State that provides context for economics; business itself has (tried to) become the context.

Since clearly no leadership may emerge from within the boundaries of business, the term “leadership” has been adjusted (has been degraded) to the business domain.

Since it’s more unreasonable to expect true leadership emerging from politics, a new elite must emerge from business; an elite that’s capable and prepared to transcend the business domain and trigger the emergence of hierarchies that are aligned to principles in the original sense of the word.

The effort to accomplish this and to reach the next step, which is to re-instate a State that is capable of providing context (in other words to re-instate normality) is comparable to a heroic war that’s being fought while it’s clear from the start that the chances for success is zero.

Clearly, the chances for the appearance of a new elite from the business domain is also next to zero.

Yet: anybody who concerns himself with leadership should be concerned about this very issue, because today there are no other issues related to true leadership.

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