#ChangeMarketing: Shift Perspectives #2 Is Out

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Changing  the face of marketing is something that takes vision and persistence.  With the publication of Shift Perspectives #2, Bogdan Meica & Stefan Moghina are proving once again to have both.

This time focusing on the topic of innovation, our two Romanian friends have brought together the likes of Seth Godin, Mitch Joel, Gerald Nanninga and many of the people you find on this blog in one publication that is sure to make you think.

But there’s more.  On www.shiftperspectives.net they have provided their own answer to the Battlecry to #ChangeMarketing and have created an online think-tank where all those who want to make marketing work for society can unite.

So once again we’re proud to be the first of inviting you to read this publication, and encourage you to join the Shift Perspectives community.  Because making marketing work is something we all need to do together.

The original Battlecry.