True Nature of Technology Seen by What Enthusiasts Do with It

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Interesting idea this. Broadly I agree. You can plan and theorise all you want, but it’s not till technology gets into the wild, and in the hands of users, that you can really see what it offers. And it is often the enthusiasts who lead… the ones who experiment, who knock off the rough edges, who show what is possible.

But on the other hand… there’s a risk of confusing ‘enthusiast’ with ‘early adopter’. Early adopters by definition aren’t necessarily representative of the mainstream. The original enthusiastic users of mobile phones were cashed-up businessfolk and road warriors. It wasn’t until teens got their hands on them that mobile took off in its current data-driven form.

Still, I like the quote. 🙂

By the way, I’m not sure how old it is – I only just stumbled across it when it was (re)tweeted recently by Tim O’Reilly

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