Designing Identities Part 3 – Insight and Process

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The third and final part of an article on creativity, design and identity was published last week on This last installment discusses the amount of sameness and identical thinking behind our processes for discovering new ideas. And proposes one alternative solution…

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From the article:

“If you fill people with rectangular knowledge they are going to create a rectangle, if you give them the idea that we are building a geometric shape, the whole organism of the team will work together to explore opportunities in the width of geometric shapes.”

We need to include our clients in the articulation of design, if not products will become unsophisticated and conservative (research proves that people not articulate in an expert field will prefer products that they themselves eventually find uninteresting and boring).”

“[The] linear model argues that the process of insight ends before the first idea has been conceptualized, that all the questions have been answered before any real ones have been asked. The problem of similar identities does not start with the sketching of ideas; it starts with the structure of exploring knowledge and discovering insight.”

    Read the article Designing Identities part 3 on

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