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A few years back, when Sydney & I went to Australia, we arrived at the hotel about noon after a 22 hour trip. We didn’t want to go do anything, we just wanted to zone in the room before venturing out. Sydney walked right over to the TV set, picked up the remote and said

"Can I watch one of my shows?"

I reminded her that we were on a different continent, in a different country, so I wasn’t sure if her shows would be on. She didn’t understand why, since in her mind, the technology should allow her to pull up her shows anywhere. I still remember "appointment TV," when you either watched that episode of M*A*S*H when it was on or your waited until summer reruns to watch it. To Sydney and her generation, she doesn’t understand that way of watching TV at all.

Lisa Valentino & Frans Vermeulen are talking about the shift not only in when people watch TV, but where they watch it. Lisa kicked off her presentation by saying:

content + audience + technology = success

According to Valentino, they’re focused on how consumers are accessing content and taking it in, not how we have traditionally delivered it. She went on to say that live is the new prime time, the time when you get an audience that gathers at one time. Our sales efforts and programming strategies focus less on the medium and more on how fans consume content.

They did a very nice overview of how FreeWheel worked with ESPN across everything they were doing for World Cup and hopefully they’ll have a copy of the presentation online. Lots of details that wasn’t easy to type as they said it.

Whenever, Wherever and ON Whatever Content Convergence and Place-Shifting

Consumers demand content on-demand, not just whenever they want it, but wherever they are and on the best available device. Just as the set-top box revolution drove new behaviors around time shifted viewing, the device revolution has disrupted one of the last bastions of appointment viewing—live events. How can media companies and their technology partners work together to meet the needs of consumers and advertisers to leverage every available screen?

Lisa Valentino, Vice President, Digital and Mobile Ad Sales, ESPN

Frans Vermeulen, Vice President, Client and Business Services, FreeWheel

IAB Innovation Days.

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